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Small, Female Owned, Do Good Companies I Can Get Behind!

And they both have three things in common... they use coconut in some capacity, they do good while making a profit, and they sell absolutely amazing products! I wouldn't be an ambassador for them both if they didn't ROCK!

COCONUT WHISK: Vegan + Gluten Free Baking Mixes!

Coconut Whisk makes the most amazing allergen friendly baking mixes I have ever had! And trust me, I have had a lot of boxed mixes in my day...

These baking mixes are so easy to make, dietitian-approved, dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, peanut-free, soy-free and non-GMO! Oh, and I almost forgot... they are made without any preservatives or artificial ingredients! Yep... chocolate chip cookies you can feel good about eating!

Not only are these mixes free of many of the top allergens, they are absolutely delicious. I am a pastry chef and I know what good desserts taste like, and I promise you I would not steer you wrong here... The mug cakes are so light and fluffy - I make them in my hotel room when traveling for shows. The chocolate chip cookie mix got both my dad's and boyfriend's approval (they are two of my most honest and toughest critics to date). The gingerbread specialty cookie mix for the holiday came together in minutes and baked up perfectly crisp on the edges and chewy in the center. These mixes genuinely taste as good as the packaging looks!

With each purchase, Coconut Whisk donates a plant based meal to a person in need. So not only are you receiving a wonderful product it is enabling you to do some good in the process! Win, win if you ask me!

SHE PLANTS LOVE: Multifunctional Butters for Skin and Hair!

I recently became a She Plants Love Ambassador and I could not be more excited! I not only have a sensitive stomach, but also have sensitive skin...

I am the type of person that gets rashes from lotions formulated for babies - yep, that's me... I seem to struggle with reactions from ingredients and products that most people find soothing! That green machine face mask made from grass hand clipped by fairies makes my face red and bumpy, while all of the reviews read something like "new face", "so fresh and clean", "cleared my skin entirely"... LOL... Those people who wrote those 'reviews' are #BLESSED. But I consider myself to be #BLESSED that I cam across this amazing small business through Instagram!

Now this multifunctional butter is not going to clear all of my skin woes, but it is a product I can feel good about using on my body without fear of a nice red rash. SOOOO CUTEEEEE...

"The butter" is the only type of butter I can use in my life, and ya know what... I'm okay with that! These silky, creamy "butters" are made with plant based an organic ingredients, and better yet are also cruelty free!

Oh, Organic and cruelty free isn't enough for you? Well, I'll see you and raise you a tree planted for every purchase! How amazing is that?!? In a world where we are constantly taking and knocking down, its refreshing to think that buying your favorite lotion or hair mask could do good for the planet!

If you struggle with sensitive skin that is easily irritated or food allergies... you need to get on this coconut train! ASAP!

Coconut Whisk uses coconut based ingredients and so does She Plants Love. Coconut Whisk donates a plant based meal, while She Plants Love plants a tree with each purchase! Finally, they are both amazing companies, run by amazing women! We need to support small businesses who are providing high quality products and bettering the world in the process. That is why I am an ambassador for both of these companies - because I believe in them and believe in their products!

Thank you for coming to my TED talk... now go check out my Instagram bio to get yourself some coconut goodies! :)

Happy Weekend Lovelies! <3


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