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Baking Spirits Bright E-Book

A miniature cookbook with 5 amazing holiday cookies! And yes, they are ALL vegan and gluten free!! Some Santa's can't have gluten after all!

The idea to create this miniature e-cookbook came out of boredom, yep...boredom... I think covid has us all a little stir crazy at this point!

I have filled a lot of my spare time this year baking up sweet treats and drowning my anxiety in a mixing bowl filled with chocolate.

So, I thought maybe I would share some of my favorite holiday recipes with you all to brighten up my December and hopefully your holiday season as well! Cookies make everything better right? At least I think so...

This little cookbook is filled with some classic holiday cookies turned allergen friendly! I developed these recipes specifically for this release, so the recipes will only be available to those who purchase a copy!

The proceeds will be going to Best Friends NY, which is a no kill animal shelter based in NYC. I always said if I wasn't going to be in the food world, I would have been a vet. This is my way of combining two things I love - cookies and helping animals in need!

Because lets be honest... I could NEVER be a vet... Red food coloring is scary enough for me, thank you very much.

Anyways, I hope you get a chance to donate and download a copy of my e-book because there are some seriously delicious cookie recipes to be found! Coconut sugar cookies....hazelnut lace cookies?! I mean, come on... its freakin' "paw-some!"

Happy Holidays and Happy Baking lovelies! Thanks for popping in to my little corner of the web and saying hi!

With love and sprinkles:


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