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Adorable Apron

Everyone needs a cute apron!  This fruity look is perfect for summer! 


Polka Pants

Chef Pants: But Make It Cute!

If you work in the food service industry, or just want a comfy pair of croissant pants, then you need to check these out!



These hair ties are easy on the eyes and your hair! When working in the kitchen I ALWAYS have my hair tied back.


Colorful Knives

These knives are perfect for all of your basic chopping needs when baking - plus they are colorful and don't need to be sharpened.


Comfy Kitchen

If you spend as much time in the kitchen as I do, you definitely want to get yourself a cushioned kitchen mat.


Queen Bee?

Are you the queen bee in the kitchen? If so, you need to get yourself a set of these "bee-yond" cute rubber spatulas. 


Bad & Boos-y

Boos Boards are hearty and will stand up to lots of use! You can even get this one monogramed!


Measuring Cups

While you don't NEED cute measuring cups in order to bake - these are a great gift for a baker in your life. 


Get Zesty!

If you love a good lemon cookie, you are going to need a quality zester.  Microplane is one of the industries best. 


It's In The Bag

These are reusable shopping bags for produce - they are so fun that no one will know if you are going to the grocery store, or the beach?!


Caker Must Have

If you want to achieve that perfectly smooth coating of icing on your cake, you are going to need an offset spatula set. 


Measuring Spoons

Measuring spoons are essential when baking.  So go scoop some of these up!


Baking Bowls

These spouted bowls make it easy to mix and pour in one go!


It's A Lot To Process

A food processor is great for making your own nut butters, granola bars or your own nut and oat flours.


Bakeware Sets

This set comes with two 1/4 sheet trays, which are great when you don't want to dirty a large tray! This set has your basic baking needs covered!


Liquid Measure

When baking you need to be sure to measure the liquid ingredients in a liquid measure.  This will ensure the result is perfect! 


Stand Mixer 

The price tag can be a bit intimidating for sure... but, if you are baking frequently, a quality stand mixer is a worthwhile investment.


Purr-fect Oven Mitt

This might be the cutest oven mitt I have ever seen - except of course if it were a dog... (Sorry guys I'm a dog lover at heart...

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